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  • Aireya

    Placeholder til test. Personskitse er flyttet [[Aireya Maeressa | hertil]]

    Aireya Maeressa

    p. _A fey arcanist known as Aireya Maeressa (aj-REH-a meh-e-RES-a)._ !(media-item-align-center){width:332px;height:375px;}http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Aireya.png! h3. *Description* p. Aireya Maeressa - more commonly just "Aireya" or among …

  • Hikari

    p. _Something, something_ !(media-item-align-center){width:450px;height:334px;}http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Hikari_2.jpg! h3. *Pictures* "Profile":http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Hikari.png "Profile, slight crop":http://mythical.dk/ …

  • Aeldaer

    p. Aeldaer is a carefree, wandering fey in the First World. p. Incidently, he's also [[Aireya Maeressa | Aireya's]] father.

  • Aireya Maeressa the Exiled

    [[Aireya Maeressa | Aireya Maeressa]] (aj-REH-a meh-e-RES-a), alternativt bare Aireya eller Mae Billeder (artist er den meget wow-inspirerede Chen Bo): "Profilbillede":http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Aireya.png "Profilbillede uden crop":http:// …

  • Hikari

    Billeder: "Profilbillede":http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Hikari.png "Profilbillede, lille smule crop":http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Hikari_2.png "Profilbillede uden crop":http://mythical.dk/WindsOfFate/Hikari_big.jpg