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  • Main Page

    h3. *Welcome to the campaign!* This is the main page of our campaign wiki. Here you can find the primary links to locations, characters, rumours, legends and stories of the campaign, as well as villains, unique creatures, and organisations. Each link …

  • Locations

    This page contains an overview of the locations that are relevant to the campaign, with descriptions and links to the relevant people and stories contained in them. Some Places will have bits of information with a knowledge skill attached to them and a DC …

  • Creatures

    This page will contain links the various creatures, Unique and otherwise, encountered during the story if they are worth separate mention [[The White Gryphon]]

  • People

    This page will contain links to the various people encountered during the story, categorized by location. h3. *Player Characters* p. Aireya Maeressa (Andreas, [[Aireya Maeressa |Wiki]], [[:aireya |Character]]) Iaome "Ia" Vaylen (Esso, [[Iaome …