Aireya Maeressa

A fey arcanist known as Aireya Maeressa (aj-REH-a meh-e-RES-a).


Aireya Maeressa – more commonly just “Aireya” or among friends “Mae” – is a beautiful, female fey with long, blond hair. Originally from the chaotic wilderness of the First World, she was “relocated” to Golarion due to a “family dispute”.

For the uninitiated, she’s easily mistaken for a young elf. She prefers for people to think she’s an elf, as not to bring up her rather unpleasant past. Additionally, people tend to distance themselves from otherworldly beings.

Parts of her body is covered in markings resembling tribal tattoo’s. These are not actual tattoos, but rather arcane markings placed for aesthetics. Their visual appearance tend to change from time to time, depending on her mood. Even though they’re magical, they don’t seem to glow under the effect of a detect magic.


She’s a free spirit, raised to wander the wildlands of the First World, enjoying life and whatever she experiences through her travels. Although First World can be a dangerous place, as a native she usually had little to worry about. Due to this, she tends to forget the consequences of her actions, especially when the consequences doesn’t affect her directly. From other First Worlders, this is to be expected, but among “mortals” it’s commonly frowned upon – a lesson she’s learned a couple of times so far.

She enjoys everything that makes life worth living. Music, wine, exploration, and almost any form of social gathering. She’s an avid collector of trinkets, especially if they have some form of interesting story behind them.

She tends to be well-planned and organised, but sometimes – usually when plentiful of sweet wine is involved – falls through and lets her impulsive nature take over.

Although she’s quite bright, most of her knowledge tend to be centered around obscure otherworldly knowledge, ancient history no one remembers or cares for.

Known family relations and friends

Both her parents are from the First World. Her mother, Rainel, is a wandering priestess, while her father, Aeldaer, is a ladies’ man and ultimately a heartbreaker.

Although her father never stayed long enough to be a big part of her life, he wasn’t completely estranged to Aireya or Rainel, and they did spend some time together now and then afterwards. When Aireya came of age, Rainel tried to keep some distance between him and Aireya, for obvious reasons.

In Absalom, she has spent some time with Vaelyn, an elven captain of the fast barque “Vendetta”, who is responsible for her freedom and for starting her adventuring career. She also spent some with Merida – Vendetta’s shipmage.

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Aireya Maeressa

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