This page will contain links to the various people encountered during the story, categorized by location.

Player Characters

Aireya Maeressa (Andreas, Wiki, Character)
Iaome “Ia” Vaylen (Esso, Wiki, Character)
Jack (Kim, Wiki, Character)
Irina “the Whirlwind” Petrova (Simon, wiki, Character)
Hikari (Stoffer, wiki, Character)


Sir Garrick Fairshield: captain of the guard

Kerren Sherrishford: Mayor and innkeeper

Sarah Sherrisford: The Mayor’s daughter

Aldric Tormolen: leader of the Arcanist Circle

Father Thomas: Sarenrae priest and leader of the Temple of the Many

Yaril Brightmoon: Half-elven ranger and huntress

Orsir: The Druid of the Deep wood

“Retired” people


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