Winds of Fate

Where Fate has Led

A turning point

The image in the floating orb was dark. Bare outlines of great halls and carved stone columns were visible to Mixer only because his eyes were no longer human. Even he could barely see the dust motes drifting lazily in air that barely stirred. It was not terribly interesting, yet the Master had been watching that same, dark vista for hours now. And not spoken a word. So Mixer concentrated on the colours he was blending, the swirling golds and reds mixed in the black visible only to his enhanced eyes. To a human, it would just be black he suspected. Black, just like…

A flare of light from the floating orb, seeming blinding in the nightshrouded observatory. It fell across the Master’s scales, setting them aflame with brilliant sunlight, spreading it through the room and out across the waves below. A doorway had appeared in the image, spilling sunlight into the hallway, letting light into a place that had known only darkness for only the gods knew how long. Dust swirled and danced in the light as air shifted and blew, drawn out through the door in a great gust of dry, dead air.

Something appeared in the lighted rectangle. A tall shape, brawny despite it’s female curves, a massive blade glittering in it’s hands. A deep, rumbling chuckle sounded from the Master as he shook his head slowly.
”And so… So it begins. Fate comes to Thakrandralmar, unbidden but drawn. The door is open again. How very, very interesting. ”

Mixer remembered to stir the ink again. ”Is… that important, Master? ” His voice sounded high and cutting, even though he knew he actually possesed a pleasant baritone. But everything seemed smaller next to the Master.

”More than you know Mixer. More than you know. Things have been stirring in that dark place, things that the world forgot. ” The Master bared his teeth in a grin as four more figures appeared beside the tall warrior. A tailed man with a stick. A slender girl. Someone Mixer could barely make out. And a figure with hair of flame. ”Fate has brought them here. Or, at least one of them. What they do with it now… That’s for them to decide. ”

With that, the great dragon turned his gaze back to the orb, and his claws began scratching on the tiles, the pen dancing across the Great Book in time with his movements. And outside, the wind rose, stirring the waves into violent heights…


Lasse_Jensen Lasse_Jensen

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