Reclaiming the past

Trades of the past
A short while ago, not more than a few centuries past, she had some contact with an elf from Golarion. The poor elf wanted to create something new – a semi-living, silken fabric woven from the night and magic itself – and while he had some brilliant ideas, his skills were not up to par yet, and they were particularly lacking in the enchanting area. Normally when lacking inspiration, skilled crafters are sought out by the leannán sídhe – fey muses of inspiration – but again, this wasn’t an issue of missing inspiration.

Instead, he decided to seek out one who could help him among the feys. After a long search across the First World, he found Aireya, whom appeared to be able to help him.

While her mother’s and her own bloodline wasn’t that of a true leannán sídhe (pf), she did share some of their inspirational traits and her natural affinity for the arcane had made her a muse in a different area: tampering with magic and material enchanting. The craftsman pled his case and, while reluctant at first, she found his passion for his raison d’être intriguing and committed herself to the project. As a result, she gave him a token enabling him to draw on her crafting abilities. While the price for her help would usually draw upon his life energy and passion, she chose a different path and instead required him to craft a gift for her, in case he succeeded in his life’s work and found a way to spin magic and the essence of the night sky together.

Unfortunately she was trapped before the craftsman was done, and while the craftsman might still have been able to draw on her abilities, she can’t feel his token any longer. As such, she doesn’t know what the state of the project is, where the craftsman is, or if the token is still there.

With her regained freedom, she intends to seek out the fate of the craftsman and his project. Unfortunately, since she’s unfamiliar with Golarion, the only information she has is his name and lineage: Sariel Kaerishiel, descendant of Candlaron the Sculptor

Claiming divinity
Although feys don’t exactly have gods or divine beings, they do have higher beings in a grand hierarchy, some powerful enough to rival gods in power. When she was trapped and drained, she was also cut off from her position in that hierarchy and lost a considerally amount of influence.

With the newfound divine connection to the dead god Aroden, and the immortal soulshard of the Desna priestess, she is aspiring to find a new path back to power: through the faith of mortals and feys, not as a direct deity, but more akin to the inspirational entity she used to be.

To Strengthen what she believes is her portfolio, she aims to create her own regalia with the embodied forms of her desired aspects.

(In essence, these items will be mythic items crafted from special materials as part of a set)

Gown of the Empyrean Night
This dress is meant to represent her as a benevolent creature of the night, and support her portfolio regarding nightly activities. It has two states, and takes up 2 item slots (body and chest).

The item is planned to function as a robe of the archmagi, but with the added ability to temporarily take on certain quasi aspects by spending mythic points. These aspects are currently undecided, but are meant to be defensive in nature.

When initially worn, it resembles a dress made from light, midnight-blue silk with sparkling dots resembling stars in the night sky. Made from a semi-living material, the wearer can reshape it on a whim to match size perfectly or to fit whatever fashion the wearer wants. It stays in this form until the wearer changes it again. In an antimagic field, it will retain it’s current shape and appearance, but lose its ability to change shape.

The robe can also be put into a passive form by making it resemble markings and tattoos on the torso. In this form, it can be hidden under normal clothes and still function, albeit in a limited form. It can not be empowered with mythic points to take on a different aspect while in this form.

When other magical items are worn on the chest or body slot, this item will be put in the passive form and not provide bonuses for as long as the other magical garments are worn.


Markings of the Shaper
These decorative bracelets are meant to enhance her arcanist powers of disrupting and shaping magic. They take up 2 item slots (wrists and hands).

In their normal form, they function as a pair of gloves of shaping

When the wearer is counterspelling or dispelling, they enable the wearer to spend mythic points reshape the area of the targetted non-mythic spell, if successful on the caster level check. The wearer can reshape a number of connecting 5-foot tiles in the spell’s area equal to the the wearers intelligence modifer per use. Reshaped tiles does not disappear or enlarge the spell as such, but are rather moved to expand or contract different parts of the spell.

This might be used to “punch” a hole in a wall of fire, or to include unintended targets in a counterspelled fireball while excluding more friendly targets.

When the bracelets are worn, eldritch markings appear on the hands and arms. When used to shape spells, the markings flare up with colorful light and power.

Circlet of the glade
Currently has the powers of a normal intelligence headband, but might be enchanted to involve mythic powers. These powers are still undecided, though.

This is a legendary item made to give her limited access to divine spells, so the part has access to some healing powers.
It’s part of the set as it’s a symbol of her connection to the immortal soul which feys normally lack, and her own connection to Desna.

She’s planning to eventually create two rings, preferrably by using condensed mana as a material. The rings are meant to be used in pair, with one acting as a enhanced version of a ring of wizardry, while the other acts as a Ring of Transcendant Spells.

Since “mythic forge ring” will be used, these will become minor artifacts.

She’s planning to make some proper footwear for travelling, although she tends to use magical beings as mounts. So far undecided on properties.

Sword / staff
She carries a broken sword and a staff made of a strange, wooden material. It is currently undecided what the purpose of these items are.

Current status
The first items to sort out is the gown and the bracelets. She can find the materials and make the bracelets herself, but the gown will require NPC interaction to progress (essentially, she has to find the craftsman and find out what’s needed to finish the job).

For the bracelets, she’s currently looking for some components which can bend or change magic. It should preferrably be bracelets of light metal or wood, with innate magic conducting properties, along with some sort of stone or metal to use as ink for the markings.

After consulting some traders in Katapesh, she is looking for some “condensed mana” to use for the bracelets and rings (and possibly ink). As much as she wants to buy it from the traders, she wants it as pure as she can get, and will need to research the subject more thoroughly.

She would also need to find a proper way to shape it into the decidered shapes, preferrably in a way which involves magic.

She’s considering wood from the great old treant, since it has certain awakened properties that might work, but she’d rather find something akin to an old rod of cancellation or a rare want or similar item, to repurpose for the task.

Serpentstone or Voidglass might work, but metal is favored as it can be used as ink too.
Optionally, “monster” components like feathers of a firebird might work for the runes, but she would have to acquire it from an alive bird as part of a bargain, as she doesn’t want to kill creatures for her items, if she can avoid it.

Reclaiming the past

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