Sanctum (demiplane)

Sanctum is a small demiplane created by Aireya ages ago to serve as a personal space to retreat. It is powered by her previous mythic ability of the same name, and through mythic rituals changed from being an extradimensional space to an actual demiplane pocket.

The demiplane is anchored to the Green Mother region of First World. Since it’s anchored to First World, the appearance and characteristics of the demiplane changes constantly.

The actual size of the pocket can be hard to determine, and creatures moving outside the borders will find themselves in a corresponding region of First World. It’s not only First World it bears the characteristics of, as it also resemples whatever other plane it might be near at a given time.

People going to sleep in a cosy hut in a forestsetting might find themselves waking up in a warm hut on top of a mountain, or on a rock floating in a starry void.

The functional characteristics remain the same though. There will always be warm, comfortable sleeping spaces for herself and guests (usually quarters for each guest), and the unseen servants will usually appear to be fey-like. Foodtype might vary, but there will always be more than enough for guests, whether it’s stacked in bowls on tables, hanging plentiful from trees, or stashed in crates and barrels in a cellar.

The Caretaker is also always present, though his form and shape might change according to the setting and his mood.


Floating Rock

Frozen Lands

Small Chasm
Beach in Void

House on Bridge


Sanctum is currently offlimits to everyone – even Aireya herself. When she started to suspect her halfbrother might betray her and steal her power, she decided to loosen the anchors keeping Sanctum somewhat accessible, save the one directly connected to Green Mother.

Without those anchors, it’s impossible for her to determine the position of the demiplane.

To regain access, she needs the appropriate amount of power (mythic tier 6) and she also needs to position new anchors on suitable locations on Golarion or First World, so she can align herself. A suitable location would be any place where the borders between Golarion and First World are weak. she’s yet unsure how many anchors will be needed to regain access.

When she has regained access, she needs to reclaim the space itself. Although it’s highly unlikely that strangers have gained access, The Caretaker has still been subject to the unintended effects of the anchor removal in addition to being trapped inside alone for a century.

Sanctum (demiplane)

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