The Caretaker

Ages ago, when the gnomes migrated to Golarion, not all of them left their homeland behind. One – known simply as the Caretaker to most – had decided to stay behind.
His reasoning was simple: he just preferred feys more than he preferred gnomes, and with the others leaving, he would have more options than before.

Over time, his dealings with the Green Mother court changed him. He slowly began to be more feylike and less gnome, as he bargained and made pacts.

Unfortunately, not everyone was fond of the gnome exodus, and being one of the few gnomes left, he drew the most of their ire. Although he dabbled in the Green Mother court politics for some time eventually it became too much.

Aireya saw some good opportunities on him, and decided to lend him some support at a critical time.

Not everyone was fond of Aireya holding a hand over him, and as such, the Caretaker decided to stay in the safety of her Sanctum.

As part of their little pact, he promised to keep it safe for her against unwanted guests as long as we was there. He was allowed to come and go as he pleased, but instead found solace in tinkering and gardening.

This creature manages Aireya’s sanctum and defends it against intruders. She has been gone for a century, and she’s uncertain what has become of him in the meantime.

The Caretaker

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